Monday, September 19, 2011

Hosa Tarah

Literally meaning - New Type
This word is inspired by one of my aunt, who always used to say this - Typically when i would frown upon eating something!
As a kid ( even now! ) i am a very picky eater. It was the toughest time for my mom, when she had to make me eat anything.

During vacations, when i used to visit this aunt of mine, she also had a tough time making me eat anything.So , she always used to tell " Hosa Tarah maadidini , tindu nodu " - ( I have made it in a new way, eat it)
the cuisine used to be the normal stuff only, possibly with one ingredient more / less. But yeah, i used to eat.
Over time, when i started taking interest in cooking, i realised cooking is one big can do in as many ways or few ways..
So when i thought of sharing my recipes, i thought this would be a nice name to christen my blog with. :)

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