Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Special!

I am not posting a recipe of this!

But this is something that is a Sunday Special at my house. And i just love to make this. Basically because you can add so many variations to the dish...and each difference will compliment ! Each household will have a different recipe for this, and each unique to its taste.

I am just posting a picture and post some ideas, that you can use.

1. Did you know that you can substitute the quantity of tomatoes used in the recipe, by replacing the number of tomatoes with the same number of spoons of Tomato Sauce. And the bhaji will turn to be a bit tangy.

2.If you are planning to host a party, and need to make bhaji in large quantity, you can add Black Chana Dal. Just soak a cup of chana overnight, boil with salt till soft and add into the Bhaji. This will also give bhaji a unique color.

3. Follow the instructions of making any Bhaji. Add grated paneer at the end, there you have Paneer Pav Bhaji!

4.Like garlic? No problem. Just add a few crushed garlic after making bhaji as per pack. Do not Saute the garlic in oil, if you need that garlicky flavor to be prominent.

5.To give a Chinese twist, you can add Soya Sauce.Heat 2 tbsp of Soy sauce in the microwave, add a pinch of Red Chilli flakes, finely chopped garlic and ginger, and add this mix to the bhaji.

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