Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chutney Chang!

The first time i heard the name on the radio, i laughed out loud. But the place is quite welcoming. We( office gang of 6) went on a friday for lunch. Had to make a prior reservation , coz being friday we expected it to be crowded, and we thank ourselves for doing the booking.

First things first, the place is not a new one. It existed before as " Ada Hind Ki". Walkable from my office, and the various remarks about this place, made us to try this place.

As per their marketing strategy, they do have a huge buffet spread. They have everything, from soups to desserts.The menu is an amalgamation of Indian and Chinese. Usually a choice of 2 soups. Me being a vegetarian, i tried the sweet corn and veg soup and it was tasty.

They have a huge salad spread as well, and i must confess, it is not possible to even taste all of the salads. I tried the Corn & Babycorn salad and was a bit disappointed. As with all salads prepared early, the dressing was almost drained.And i had to help myself with a sprinkle of salt. The other salad was Pickled cucumber , which was average. There is a counter that makes live chat, we tried the Dahi Puri and the Masala Puri. Both were on the sweeter side.

Coming to starters, i started with Babycorn and onion cheese fries, which was good. Also on the menu was Fried Veg Wonton - which was quite crispy, but cold. Then there was a dry dish, named Two Flower Medley ( Cauliflower & Broccoli in a spicy sauce) which somehow dis not please me. I had a similar combination in Jalpaan and that was actually commendable. There was another starter with Broccoli, Zucchini & chinese cabbage, which was not that great.There was a Paneer Tikka with flavor of i forgot.......coz i did not like even a bit of it. Though the paneer was soft, it was lacking the masala.

Main course: The sabzis were very good , especially the Dal Makhni and Paneer Lajawab.Also on the table was Vegetables in spicy gravy, ( worked well with bland noodles). Roti and Naan are bought to the table and were soft. Ricec spread had a very interesting combination - Imli til ki pulav, which was actually tasty. Veg Fried Rice and Veg Hakka Noodles were average, but tasted good with gravy.

Desserts had a huge array, and i was perplexed seeing the table. There is a choice of diffrent Fruit servings. Traditional Sweets included Kamola Bhog, Jalebi, Rice Payas. Along with a choice of 4 different flavors of ice cream. You can actually top it up with Honeyed Noodles on the spread. There was also Orange Gateaux, Pineapple cheese cake. Marshmallows .... and yes of course Chocolate Fountain. There was also an Indian version of between a custard and halwa. Overall the experience is good, if you can enjoy the food with your group of people.
Verdict : Try this place once.
Atmosphere / Ambience: Warm, Welcoming, Contemporary
Food - Quality & Hygiene: Food is tasty, But since this is a buffet, menu keeps changing everyday. Quality is Good, hygiene factor is also Good.
Economy: At 450 per person, its worth the money, if you have the appetite :)
Must haves: Desserts ( Chocolate Wonton & Marshmallow with Choc sauce)

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