Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Best Debutant Restaurant for 2012

When i heard this, i was surprised for a minute. This restaurant is just next to my office building, and i have never tried this. This award made me try this place, and true this place deserves and award.

Yet again another friday lunch outside. As per standard policy, we did a prior booking. We were only 3, compared to the crowd last time. Booking was at 12.45 PM, but being a friday we got delayed. ( and ironically this is just the next building from my office!)

Reached at 1.15PM, and the Manager was very courteous in asking for our seating preference.Most of the other restaurants , usually comment on how we were late and it would take more time to get a table. The restaurant has a outdoor seating & an indoor one. We preferred the inner one, coz we didnt want to be spotted by any other office colleagues!

The hospitality of the staff is commendable. They are prompt, know their menu and very efficient.

I started with a Kala Khatta Margarita, which was something new in the menu and was quite refreshing.

For starters we had Tandoori Mushroom Cheese Melt, mushrooms barbequed in a tandoor and cheese on top. Mushrooms were mildly spiced and cooked correctly.

For the main course, we ordered Rumali Roti and Dal Makhani. I am not a very big fan of Dal Makhani, but the moment i tasted, i had to start liking. The roti was soft and the side dish was faultless.

Coming to the best part of the Zaffran Menu, the Biryani. In the vegetarian menu, had ordered for Subz Biryani Zaffrani. The biryani was cooked perfectly, and as soon as the plate was served, it was smelling heavenly, and to taste as well.

To end the meal with a sweet note, we ordered their speciality dessert Zaffran Ice Cream. It was delicious! Sweet ending to a Sweeter occassion :)

Verdict : Must Try.
Atmosphere / Ambience: Mughlai, Traditional yet Modern
Food - Quality & Hygiene: Excellent
Economy: Not Economical, high on the pocket, but worth it
Must haves: Signature Biryani & Desserts

Rating : ****

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